​AAA Amarillo Glass Mirror & Screen has been serving the Amarillo area for 20 years and is proud to be part of this community. We have helped people bring their homes back to normal condition after numerous storms, accidents and vandalism, or just to update the look, feel and comfort. 

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We work with other contractors, such as roofing contractors and builders, to achieve the look and feel you want for your home. ​

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Replacing Residential Windows, Glass and Screen in the Amarillo Area for 20 years

Recently completed projects using Suntex sun screens
Getting Your Home Ready For Another Year 

Spring is the time to get your home ready for another year. This is particularly critical when your home is located in the Texas panhandle where the average speed of the persistent wind is somewhere around 14 miles per hour. Of course, the wind often exceeds that number reaching 50 or 60 mph for extended periods of time, even when there is no storm approaching. It is not unusual to see rain and snow blowing horizontally across the plains. 

Maintenance on any home here must include making sure that everything is buttoned down tightly. That means ensuring the home has no loose siding or roofing shingles. It may even mean applying a fresh coat of paint to protect the materials used in the construction from degradation. 

Some of the simpler aspects of getting a home ready to endure harsh weather conditions is cleaning and caulking around windows and doors to help prevent infiltration of outdoor air. New screens can also help protect windows and doors from flying objects along with keeping the bugs out. 

There is another product that we are very proud of which goes even further when it comes to protecting windows and doors. Suntex is made from Kevlar polyester which is the same thing bullet proof vests have been made from. That means it is tough. It is so tough in fact that when it is used to make screen fabric that fabric has the potential for stopping hail stones from reaching your windows.

There are other things you can do to get your home ready for another year, but these are a good start. Give us a call when you need help with windows, screens and doors.

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