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Prepare For The Zita Virus

It is important for you and your family to be aware that the Zika virus is spreading throughout the United States. This virus has been implicated as a primary cause of microcephaly in infants. Here is a map that includes states where the virus has been found. 

Here is a link to the CDC site that shows a map of where the virus has been found in our nation.

The information here suggests that the virus is not locally contracted, but you know how it works when mosquito season begins. They bite an infected person and carry it on to others. This is not something we like to think about, but it is reality.

So, why am I talking about this? Because you and your family are at risk, especially if the windows and screens on your home are not in good condition. 

Not to worry because we can help with that. We custom build window screens and repair broken or worn windows. We even help you save on energy bills with one of the finest sunscreens in the industry. Give us a call at 806-358-7117 to find out what we can do for you.

Window Screens are Required

Window screens are not just a convenience, holding flying insects and other pests at bay, in many cases they are also required. One instance when window screens are required is when a house is on the market. Today, mortgage lenders will not finance a house unless all window screens are in place. HUD is another entity that requires the placement of screens on homes. 

Anyone who has ever gone through the process of selling their home can tell you that there are a number of things they are asked to do before time to close on the sale. One of those things is ensuring that any missing window screens are replaced. Torn or worn screens must also be repaired. It seems that even the mortgage companies understand how important it is to keep insects from gaining entrance into the dwelling.

Some people attempt to fix window screens themselves. This can be done, but many already know they simply do not have the expertise needed to do this right. The mesh wire or fiberglass fabric used to do this will twist and pull unless an experienced technician is rolling it in. The end result is a not so satisfactory job and no one wants that.

An improperly repaired or fabricated screen not only looks unsightly, but it can cause the frame to bow and prevent the kind of protection it was intended to give in the first place. 

If you would like more information on how you can benefit from having an expert build or repair your screens, contact AAA Amarillo Glass Mirror & Screens. We will be glad to fill you in and give an estimate of what it will cost. 806-358-7117

Window Screens Protect Your Family and More

Because of insect born pathogens, window screens help protect your family against some diseases or ailments carried by pests that should remain outside. Mosquitoes for instance cause enormous discomfort from their incessant biting. For this reason alone it is wise to maintain properly fitting and well maintained window screens. 

Just imagine what your home would be like if the screens were missing and you wanted to open the windows for a little fresh air. Bugs of all kinds would then gain entrance to the inside of the house. Flies would buzz around lighting on everything in sight, including your food and children. This is an unpleasant thought, but someone has to mention it.

A lot of people enjoy having the windows open during morning hours or throughout the spring and fall to allow the home to cool naturally. It's not hard to understand how this can also help reduce those high energy bills. Did you ever think about it that way? Window screens can actually save you money. 

If you would like to enjoy the benefits offered by window screens, give us a call and we can help. 806-358-7117

​Window Repair

There is just no getting around it, accidents do happen and window repair is in your future. Then again, there are those times when Mother Nature has her say in things and no one is to blame for a broken window. Whether you have a broken window caused by someone's carelessness or a storm has hurled balls of ice at your home large enough to break panes of glass, there is something you can do about it.

Calling professionals for window repair is the best thing you can do for the sake of everyone in your family. It is important that the person fixing your windows knows how to do it right because, believe it or not, window glass can be dangerous. Besides that, there are a number of different methods for repairing windows correctly and not everyone is an expert in doing so.

Consider this. Some window repair can be done quickly with what in the trade is called flat glass. This requires the glass to be cut to the correct size to fit the opening. It also requires that the old glass be removed from the frame and the frame prepared properly for the new pane of glass. Without proper preparations there is a possibility that the glass will crack again or simply not remain in the opening.

It is not just a matter of placing the glass in the opening and expecting it to stay put either. It must be glued in place with the right product. Wooden window repair is completed using special putty and metal framed window repair is an entirely different matter. Knowing which one to use is all part of effective repair with flat glass. It is often possible to complete the entire process of flat glass window repair within a short time of taking measurements.

Now there are other types of window repair as well. The majority of modern windows are made with insulated glass units which are more energy efficient than older single pane windows. These units are like a sandwich with a pocket of air between two pieces of flat glass. A spacer around the edges of the unit separates the two pieces of glass and sometimes argon or other special gas is used to add even more energy efficiency to the unit. 

Window repair done on homes with insulated glass units cannot be accomplished in a matter of hours after taking measurements. The reason for this is that insulated glass units must be ordered from the manufacturer. Most of the time the units will arrive at the supplier in a week to ten days, but there are exceptions. This is particularly true when it is a special type of unit or just after a devastating storm which has left numerous homes with broken windows.

Here again, it is important to understand just how to do window repair correctly. Removing the old unit can be dangerous because the broken glass can make the unit unstable. There is also some expertise needed to dislodge it from its place. Remember, glue is used to hold the unit in place and it is necessary to cause this glue to lose its strength and turn loose. 

One cannot just remove the IG and stick another one back into the hole either. The entire frame must be inspected for debris, especially tiny pieces of broken glass. If the new unit is installed over certain types of debris it will likely break again. 

The best answer to window repair is to call in the professionals. We at AAA Amarillo Glass Mirror & Screen are here to help so give us a call. 806-358-7117

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​File Your Claim By May, 2015 To Get The Benefits You Deserve

If you suffered damage to your home during the 2014 hail storm that struck the Texas Panhandle, you have until the end of May, 2015 to file a claim or get the repairs started if you want to take advantage of the insurance benefits due you. Don’t miss out on getting repairs to your windows, doors or window screens paid for by your insurance company. Get the process started today and don’t put it off another minute. 

Information on this subject can be missed if you are not in connection with others who are in the know. For this reason, we want to help get the word out for those whose homes are still in need of repair. 

We at AAA Amarillo Glass Mirror & Screen care about the people in our surrounding communities and want you to get full benefit from the premiums you pay. Give us a call if you have storm damage to window screens, doors, or window glass that has not yet been fixed. Ask for us if your roofing company offers to take care of that for you because we work closely with other contractors to help return your home to the condition it was before the storm. 

Storms are not the only cause of damage to our homes either. Screens tend to wear out over years of use as well. Additionally, the glue holding insulated glass units together can turn loose causing moisture and mold build-up between panes of glass. We can help you with that too. 

We understand that sometimes fly-by-night contractors enter the area taking advantage of the situation. They often request large deposits and do not deliver services or fail to provide quality work. It is best to deal with local companies who have been in the area for a long time and stand behind their workmanship and materials. We have been here for more than 20 years and have dealt with many companies and can provide you with the names of reputable and reliable contractors who use high quality materials and are professional in everything they do. Give AAA Amarillo Glass Mirror & Screen a call at 806-358-7117 

​Be Prepared Ahead Of Time For Mosquito Season

​It won't be long now until mosquitoes become a common nuisance here in the Texas Panhandle. The end of May is right around the corner and that's when these pests start creeping around outdoor spaces. No one likes these flying missiles with an appetite for blood. Their bites are painful and cause nasty bumps on the skin, and for anyone who is allergic to them it is even worse.

While you may not be able to completely eliminate mosquitoes from yours or your neighbor's property, there are some things you can do to reduce the chances of getting bit. 

The first thing you should do before mosquito season arrives is to look around the outside of your home for anything that might collect unwanted water when it rains or from your sprinkler system. That might be flower pots that are not in use right now, empty bottles, tubs or anything that can serve to collect water. Don't forget about any old tires laying around your property because they can hold water. If you find anything, empty it and remove or turn it over so it cannot contain water.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water and this is where larva hatch and grow to maturity. By removing sources of stagnant water, you will be reducing the number of larva that hatch and therefore the number of mature mosquitoes. 

Another trick that some people use when emptying the water is difficult or impossible to achieve is to add some form of innocuous oil, like baby oil or vegetable oil to the container. The oil will spread out over the top of the water and even if there are mosquito eggs in it the oil will suffocate them preventing them from emerging to damage your skin.

You will have to remain vigilant throughout the summer to ensure no water gets trapped where it doesn't belong, but that should help keep some of the mosquitoes at bay. For a more thorough job, get your neighbors involved so that there are less places for these pests to repopulate.  

Another important measure you can take is to make sure your windows are in good repair. That includes your window screens. Window screens allow you to open your windows, but if there are rips and tears in the screens you can be sure that all kinds of flying insects will find their way in.

We specialize in custom manufacture of window screens, so give us a call when you need yours done. 806-358-7117

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